Saturday, January 20, 2007

3D Ultrasound Scans

Today we got 3D/4D ultrasound scans of the twins. The ultrasound technician had a hard time getting any really good shots of the girl, but we got some really great ones of the boy. It was so amazing to see a glimpse of what they look like. Thanks Mom for the gift!

These first four are all photos of the boy.

You can barely see the girls face in the middle here. Her brother had his butt in her face blocking the view.

The Girl's Butt! LOL

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Melanie McLellan (mclellanstudio) said...

Hey Michael -

We hadn't heard that you guys are pregnant. Congratulations! Twins - WOW! When are they due?

Hope you're doing well! We'd still love to have you guys over sometime when life slows down a bit.

Talk soon...

- Mel McLellan